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Mapa Desarrollos inmobiliarios en playa del carmen

Enjoying the best of both worlds is what makes Playa del Carmen unique.

Stunning beaches and a mix of local and international restaurants, all just 60 km from Cancun.


Fifth Avenue offers an incredible selection of entertainment. It may seem like a luxury destination today, but it still retains its fishing village charm, with unique architecture and unbeatable nightlife.


All this constitutes a real estate investment opportunity of great value and at iMexico Real Estate we are sure that we can find a good property that exceeds your expectations.

Mapa Desarrollon inmobiliarios en tulum

Tulum is the ideal destination for real estate investors looking to maximize their capital gains and return on investment. The last few years there have been gains, only in plusvreal estate alliance, up to 25%.


At iMexico Real Estate we are committed to guidingto our clients who consider this paradise as an option to invest their assets

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