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Code of Ethical Conduct of the iMexico Advisor

With the purpose of ratifying an action based on common principles and good practices, at iMéxico Real Estate we have adopted the following code and guidelines of professional conduct.

Article 1. iMexico advisors do not participate in any exclusive development of the company, so it is guaranteed that their opinion is free of any particular interest, outside of the sales commission previously defined and known by all parties.

First Section - Relations with External Agencies

Article 2. The iMexico advisor never contacts, under any circumstances, a client from a Real Estate Agency or Independent Broker without their prior written approval during the property acquisition process. iMéxico acts with absolute fairness and honesty with all parties involved in a transaction.

Article 3. The iMexico advisor is extremely jealous in guarding the Professional Secret and Privacy of each client. Your data is used solely and exclusively internally to optimize the search and selection of properties to be offered.

Article 4. For no reason does the iMexico advisor express opinions or share data that, under professional secrecy, would have been entrusted to him by any of the professionals involved in the transaction.

Article 5. The iMexico advisor informs everyone involved in each transaction the following, using reliable sources: Historical revaluation of real estate in the desired area. Advantages, concerns or areas of attention of the evaluated property that may affect its future valuation. The ease or difficulty of performing the desired operation.

Article 6. iMexico never assigns the same client to two internal advisors, however, when registering a client in the company's CRM, it is not able to prevent any other external agency chosen by the same client from making the sale more quickly .

Second Section - Customer Relations

Article 7º. It is a fundamental duty for the advisor iMexico, the protection of the client against fraud, abuse or immoral practices in the field of real estate. Consequently, they have a duty to help prevent any action harmful to the public, as well as any act that attacks the dignity and integrity of the real estate profession. If the practice of such acts comes from any member of iMexico Real Estate, it is the duty of the witness to file a complaint with the Board of Directors in order to proceed with the corresponding and exemplary measures to avoid widespread damage to the entire team.

Article 8°. The iMexico advisor must have in-depth knowledge of the properties offered on the market in order to avoid any mistake with his client, exaggeration of the qualities of the property offered and concealment of the report on it, since the veracity of his facts must be the guideline of the actions of the adviser iMexico.

Article 9. When issuing a judgment on the expected revaluation of a property, the iMexico advisor guarantees that he has carried out a careful analysis of all the factors that affect it.

Article 10. The iMexico advisor must not carry out operations in which, for any reason, the interests of the client, of an external Agency or Broker involved, or of any iMexico advisor colleague are harmed.

Article 11. The iMexico advisor must not contribute to establishing false data in deeds or other public instruments, nor to falsify statements before any authority. Integrity in all his acts will be the guideline for the good impression that he must cause his clients, thus corresponding to the trust placed in him.

Article 12. The iMexico advisor, when using any of the advertising methods, must be very careful of the veracity of the data that appears in the advertisement, since the chosen method must present and reflect the exact reality and by no means form it.

Article 13. The iMexico advisor, for the protection of the parties involved in an operation, will send by email all the data, promises and agreements related to each transaction. The relative documents will contain the exact agreement reached by the interested parties who will sign in accordance, each keeping a copy for their records and files.

Article 14. The iMexico advisor can freely publish and with their own means, the properties of the iMexico portfolio to generate their own leads.

Article 15°. To advertise a property outside the iMexico portfolio, the adviser must receive prior written authorization from the owner or the broker that represents him.

Article 16. The iMexico advisor has the obligation to show all the offers received to the owner, whatever they may be, even if they are outside the limits of acceptance, in order to form his criteria and put him in a position to decide on the bases presented.

Third Section - Relations with Colleagues iMexico

Article 17. The iMexico advisor knows how to work, values and respects his team. You do not seek advantages over your internal colleagues, and it is your obligation to share with them any information, learning or experience that can help them achieve their objectives, those of the team and the company.

Article 18. The iMexico advisor does not steal leads or data of any kind. In case you receive a lead that has been previously assigned to another colleague, you must report it directly to your Team Leader for immediate solution.

Article 19. In the event of any suspicion of unethical practices by an iMexico advisor, the Team Leader is the figure responsible for searching for the pertinent evidence for a subsequent decision in conjunction with the Director of Sales. If any ethical irregularity by an iMexico advisor is verified, the corresponding measures will be taken immediately.

Article 20. The iMexico advisor never makes comments about the professional performance of another colleague to third parties, unless it is with the aim of denouncing a practice outside the provisions of this company code of conduct. If your opinion is officially requested, it must be given with absolute adherence to the facts, with courtesy and professional integrity.

Article 21. The iMexico advisor will not contact clients assigned to another iMexico advisor. You must respect the rights of the former until the corresponding Team Leader decides to reassign the contact internally

Article 22. At iMexico, we value the spirit of cooperation and teamwork between advisors to close sales, however, and to maintain a sense of justice and care in the use of colleagues' resources, the following reference is defined: Punctual support in the resolution of doubts about processes, products, developers, formats or tools The commission will not be shared, as it is a specific and non-repetitive event. If it becomes routine, the case should be reported to the respective Team Leader. Support a client on a tour and the sale is closed: 40% commission must be shared, for the use of any resource of the partner, such as time, car, gasoline, etc. Support in presentation to a client and the sale is closed: The 25% commission must be shared, due to the use of the partner's time, whether in physical or video call.

Article 23. If an iMexico advisor requests the car from a colleague to take a tour with a client, the applicant is responsible for paying for any damage to the vehicle or to third parties, returning it clean, with a full tank of gasoline and in the same condition as it was delivered, according to previous record in photo or video.

Article 24. An iMexico advisor only removes a property from the list of units available for sale when they formally receive the section from the client and start the process of developing the offer letter.

Article 25°. An iMexico advisor should not request the services of any assistant of his colleagues, without his prior consent.

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